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Hooking up 2 subs to a powered mixer with a seperate amp

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  • Hooking up 2 subs to a powered mixer with a seperate amp

    Anyone ever hook up 2 passive 8 ohm subs(with a seperate power amp) with a powered mixer? The mixer is a Peavey XR2012. It has 2- 600w amps. One powers the mains and the other powers the monitors. I'd like to hook 2 Peavey PV-118 passive subs at some point with a Peavey pv2600 power amp. Not sure if I need a crossover. The amp has a crossover feature that I'm not familiar with...The mixer has an aux send and a mono out. The mono is a blend of both channels and has its own slider to control it. Any Ideas??   

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    You need a low-pass filter somewhere in the chain so that the subs receive only material below some frequency (200 Hz or wherever you set the approximate cutoff.)

    (A cross-over is a combination of a low and high pass filter used in two-way speakers, ideally designed so that if the high and low parts complement: if they are added together, the response is flat.)

    I just had a glance through the reference manual of the amp. How it works is that it has a built in crossover that you can simply turn on and off, independently on each channel.  The low-pass filtered signal is routed internally to the power amps. So if you turn on the crossover on a channel, that channel's power output is then low-pass filtered (try it).

    In your case, that is all you want: so it appears to be as simple as toggling a switch.

    Note that the frequency is fixed at 150Hz.

    If you wanted to use the high-pass signal, you would have to externally patch that, taking it from the HIGH output jack of the given channel, and sending it somewhere else, like into another amplifier, or as input of the other channel of the same amplifier (so that it is used as a bi-amp rather than stereo).

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      Thanks Kaz! I ended up buying a stand alone crossover rather than using the one in the amp. I used the mono out on the powered mixer (a blend of signal) an went into the crossover, then to the amp and out to the respective speakers...highs to the 15" tops and lows to the 18" subs. It was a bit hairy sorting out the sound but I think shes dialed in nicely....I was even able to use the 2- 600w amps in the powered mixer for independent monitor mixes!  I  also created a submix, and miked the drum kit using a seperate 5 ch mixer I have! Still dialing in the sounds on the drums...just waiting for a second set of ears for a bit of help!   THANKS!!    

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    I would like to ask is it possible to drive a 400watts power amp(crest) to a 1000watts speakers


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      yes...I would not do it the other way around though...
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