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  • Possible driverack addition

    We currently use 4x mackie srm 450v2's and a cv 118 sub. I have noticed that these are programmed into the dbx driverack px.

    Questions is, are they really that good to have in a set up like this? we dont use any rack gear currently and haven't had any feedback issues the last 10 or so gigs but i just like the kind of safety net to feedback that this thing advertises. Or are there better options for us? we always get complimented on our sound so and we all think its really good but if there was something to improve I would be really keen to try it out.


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    Driveracks have a bunch of processing stuffed into a 1u space and contains some more somewhat advanced processing and will have a learning curve. And if you're getting fine results without any rack gear, then you don't need anything. 

    How are you crossing over that system?

    Also, this is a question for the live sound and production forum. Much more traffic over there. 


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      Currently we are using the built in crossover in the cervin vega sub, seems to work really well

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    If you can walk about the room and the sound seems even and no issues jump out at you, don't worry about it. If you want a 'standard' when it comes to dealing with problem frequencies, just get a graphic EQ for all your monitors. In my experience, most feedback will be coming from the monitors. When you set up your gear and sound check, go to the board and try boosting the monitor levels until it starts feeding back. Listen and notch it out on the graph. This will take some practice. But get it to where it wants to start ringing and do a trial and error. Find it and notch it out. After you find it, boost it more and see if it still wants to feed back (or maybe some new problem frequencies will pop up). Of course, there's a ton of variables with this stuff. [And admittedly, I don't know that much about live sound.] The more gain you have on microphones, the more they're picking up and the more likely they will generate feedback. 

    Long story short, if you're getting compliments on your sound and you don't have feedback issues, you're doing fine. You may consider geting a couple of DBX 231s for your monitors as a first step. Those drive racks have a lot more to them than the automatic feedback suppression (which won't be working on the monitors anyway). Drive racks are fantastic pieces of gear. And you could use them to greater affect later down the road when your group picks up more knowledge about live sound or even upgrades speakers, and the whole setup, If that ever happens. Drive rack for mains, some 31 band eqs for the monitors. Pretty standard stuff.