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  • Rack noob here

    Okay well I'm a total rack noob! I sold my 5150 a few months back thinking I was out of the gigging point of my life and I'd just play guitar occasionally. Well, I got in a band again so it's time to get something to play out with. I've always wanted a rack and have been intrigued by them, so I figure why not go for it this time.

    I have a Genz Benz G-Flex 412 cabinet and a couple foot pedals: tuner, noise gate, and overdrive. I use ESP MII guitars with EMG pickups.

    I know almost NOTHING about racks, and I'm on a budget. I play metal, a lot of times the more "core"-ish you could say. I'm interested in the basics of what I'm going to need to buy, some examples of specific budget gear, and an idea of where to get the stuff (like any specific small non-chain stores or anything). I know I'm going to need a preamp, poweramp, and a rack case of some sort. Any help would be amazing!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention my budget, guess that would help haha. Honestly, "as cheap as possible" would be about it. For an exact figure, hmmm if I could get a decent live rack setup for under $800 it would be great. New/used doesn't matter, stuff that's pretty common and easy to find would be preferable as well!

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    I ordered a two rack case from Rondo Music for $55.00 plus . It stacks very well with my SKB cases and it's very good quality. Here's a link .....:manhappy:

































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