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Building up a rack system and signal Path Questions?

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  • Building up a rack system and signal Path Questions?

    Ok so I am building up my rack system and have a few questions about signal path and where to put things. So far I just have the following

    Egnator Vengeance

    Pedal Board:
    Boss NS-2
    Ibanez Tube Screamer
    MXR 10-Band EQ

    Furman PWR Conditioner
    Korg Tuner
    TC Major G-Major

    My current Signal Chain

    (PRE) Guitar--->Tuner---->Tube Screamer---->Boss NS-2----->Amp In

    (POST) G-Major--->MXR 10 Band Eq

    I bought a BBE 382i where it insert into the signal chain? I know if should be in the POST but before or after the TC G-Major?

    Any help is appreciated


    - Ibanez MTM2(EMG-18Voltz) -
    - Mesa Boogie Single Rec -
    - Egnator Vengeance -
    - TC Electronics G-Major
    - Custom 4x12 Build DIY -

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    Harmonic Maximizers are basically saturation units that increase the amount and volume of higher-order harmonics in your signal. So the question becomes, one of trying to pop those out AFTER you've gone through the G-Major effects processor, or before and let the effects processor work on those harmonics too.

    Personally, I view the 382i and others like it as "last in the chain" devices. Some people push their entire song mixes through it, while others will also push the drums stem through, then the vocals stem through, and then recombine them all. I know you're not talking about mixing, but I say it to illustrate the point... It's a matter of preference. In the end, with a single-source signal chain like you're talking, it won't matter that much.

    You could go before or after the effects processor. I'd go after. You can test both and see if there's even an audible difference for you. This late in the path I don't think will matter. Now if you were talking about before or after a compressor we'd have a different story on our hands. I think you'll be fine either way.