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Parametric pre amp to boost guitar

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  • Parametric pre amp to boost guitar

    I am looking to buy an Audioarts 4100 or 4200 and was wonder how it's works as a gain boost because I see that it has a gain knob I've seen video demos of the Furman pq3 and 4 and of the tc electronic 1140 2240 and each of those seemed to work as a gain boost I was wondering if the audio arts is the same because I've herd before say it should be used for drums in the studio or vocals in the studio and I am just confused

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    Hells bells, just go experiment !!!!
    I got a Behringer 1124 P Feedback Destroyer, usually used for destroying feedback on stage mics. It has a 12 band parametric Eq. I put it after an 32 band Eq to fine tune the tone on my presets.
    Even though it has only 10 presets, I created a few Eq programs for an electric / acoustic guitar, a Blues Eq curve, 1960's tones, classic 70's crunch tones, clean electric guitar tones, 1980's Classic Metal Eq, Speed Metal / Thrash Eq .... Of course with M.I.D.I. control..... Sky's not the limit !!!!
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    How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb ? Five , one to screw it in , hit the switch and four to sit around bragging how much better they could have done it !!!! 😱👹😲