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Need Suggestions/Recommendations for my first Rack System

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  • Need Suggestions/Recommendations for my first Rack System

    My equipment includes: a Soundcraft Signature 10 mixer and three, Audio Technica System 10 Pro (front mounted antennas) receivers. I would like to have a 6U for the area below the mixer.

    Some of my questions/concerns:
    1. Which case (brand/model) should I consider? I'm thinking the ABS plastic type.......not plywood.
    2. How much modification will it take to make this mixer fit in the case?
    3. Are most of the cases capable of handling the front mount antennas on the receiver (they extend 1.75" to the front of the mounting brackets on the receiver)

    As you can tell, I'm not experienced with all any and all help would really be appreciated!!!!

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    First off, I don't see any options from Soundcraft to rack mount that mixer. A better option might be to a three or four space rack with a top section for a mixer/computer. This one has adjustable holder for whatever you put in the top section. Obviously designed for a laptop, it might work fine for your mixer and won't require you come up with some way to get your mixer work with a vertical rack rail system. It's also a more compact form factor and has wheels making it easily transportable. Make sure the height of your mixer is compatible with it though. You might want to get right angle cables, if you want to leave some of the connections in place while transporting.

    This is one example. There are others like this if some of the dimensions don't work for you.
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