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Moving head light not syncing ?

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  • Moving head light not syncing ?

    I recent ly purchased some made in china moving head spots and wash but they will not sync together in unison. Which have the wash pair on it's own DMX address and the spots on it's own DMX address and I'm using a Obey 40 DMX controller. None them have any reverse pan or tilt on. Yet when I program for chases my light get out of sync some times. Any solution would be helpful and the name brand are Lixada moving wash and spot lights.

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    Here is a link to some help with problems like this. Its a quick read.

    From the decsription you gave, I am guessing it is a controller issue. The dmx standard is a 40hz update rate, but some lights, especially more inexpensive ones cannot always keep up reliably at that rate. Sometimes slowing down the refresh rate will correct this issue. I suspect this because it appears the lights work but a few can't sustain the refresh which makes them loose sync. Anyway, good luck. This sort of thing is trial and error, process of elimination because there are so many things that it COULD be.