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Crazy video idea, can it work? live video effects

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  • Crazy video idea, can it work? live video effects

    So I was at Metallica last week and was completely awesome. They obviously have an enormous budget but gave me a small scale idea and was wanting some input for live stage effects. Here is my thought but don't know what kind of hub or computer app to use, if possible. But the idea is to take 4 microphone stands and get some cheap web cam size cameras to put on each one. Then plug them into a hub of some sort that then plugs into my laptop and then use the out to a TV on stage. I want the app to switch between the cameras and do different effects. I have a TV and a laptop so I think the budget would be reasonable to buy some used mic stands and cheap cameras. Would just need to know what kind of hub and an app that would do something like that. Any thoughts? or even something like a mutli camera security system that switches between each camera on the monitor but adds filters/effects on the screen.

    ‚ÄčEdit: I found a cool program magiccamera. Anyone know if I would just use a multi usb hub and plug in multiple cameras to that or if I'd need a special hub to switch around?
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    If I were going to do this, I'd get some cheap GoPro knockoff action cameras (as they're more likely to perform better in low light) that have an HDMI out, get an HDMI seamless switcher (such as this one from MCM Electronics:, and then use a HDMI to USB video capture card and a VJ program to add effects. USB webcams will not provide sufficient video quality. Seamless switchers differ from regular switchers in that they do not pause and go to black between outputs. That unit would also let you put all 4 cameras up at the same time which is pretty cool.
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