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For sale - movers and scanners

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  • For sale - movers and scanners

    I'm paring down my lighting rig since I'm getting older and creakier, and I am primarily a keyboardist.

    I have for sale:

    4 - Blizzard Stiletto Z7 zoom wash movers. 7 x 15W RGBW. These have 100 hrs or less of use. The demo mode doesn't work on 2 of them, but all is completely controllable via DMX. $400 ea plus shipping. These are boxed up and ready to go.

    4 - Chauvet Intimidator Scan 300 60W scanners with rotating gobos, color wheel and remote focus. $400 ea plus shipping.

    Contact me at: mate_stubb2 atsign yahoo dot com. Thanks!
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