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Sound-sensitive LED PARs triggered by vocalists?

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  • Sound-sensitive LED PARs triggered by vocalists?

    A couple questions...

    We are a 6-piece cover band running a PreSonus mixer from stage. No sound light guy. What I want to do is use the sound-sensitivity setting on some out-front pars to trigger spots when vocalists are singing. We can D-sub off the board to get a vocal signal by singer. Are there any LEDs out there the can take an XLR input to trigger their activity?

    We also have a handful of incandescent 150w PARs. They might provide a better soft-on/soft-off effect (rather than blinking on every word). Is there a dimmer pack that might take an XLR input (or 3-4 XLR inputs?) for sensitivity triggering?

    We are looking to appear as if we have a light guy triggering spots on vocalists. I've been searching the forum and haven't found what I'm looking for.



    -Matt (Rottdoggie) Tews

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    What do you want to do with other special moments during the show...let's say trigger spots off? And what do you want next?
    So to get the job right, i advice to start learning to create simple but effective dmx-scenes which you could trigger with midi-footswitch regularly.


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      I agree with Rikv.

      What you want to create will not be satisfactory without using a controller and scenes. Not really that difficult or expensive. Just some time and effort.
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        I've never seen any controller that will work like that. Regarding your 150w Pars, if they are Par 56's, then you can use 70w household flood bulbs in them. I still use (2) for front spots, and they're plenty bright for close up lighting with a very light Rose gel. I used to play in a band where we had a small footswitch that we would hit to activate our spot. As others have suggested a dmx footswitch controller is probably the best way to go.

        Further... LED lights that have their own sound running modes typically just bounce from one color to the next, triggered by a loud beat from the drums. DMX boards that have this feature are designed to run a chase, that is triggered by either a mic built in to the board, or an input from an audio source (usually rca). Again, these are designed to trigger a chase.
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