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    I admit I know almost nothing about lasers except I think they look pretty cool.  Could someone tell me exactly what you are getting say in a unit that is 300 dollars vs 100 dollars vs the 30 dollar lasers?  One of the most common is Galaxian and I see chinese knockoffs very cheap. Are the components just of so much lower quality?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the galaxian and like it. Cuts through very well. With the Chinese, my guess is you will get something very similar. Just less of the quality control. So a dud is far more likely. But, is also very likely to work just fine. And most of the suppliers offer a one year warranty too....but, you may spend more time sending units back and forth,

    From what I have seen on here, there are many Chinese lights that are identical to to the name brands, just not branded. And they don't go through the same testing, and, probably not the same customer service. Although, the few I have dealt with, seem very concerned that you received what you want and that you are happy. As long as you can decipher their broken english emails!


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      for the price difference you could buy 3 and keep 2 for spares if the quality of the laser was the same.

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      I agree. You just have to hunt a bit and check the specs closely. But they will send them. I think most of the lights are made in china anyway. Also, the couple I do have, (not lasers) seem to be a bit more limited in the programming department. The dmx is the same, but some of the "auto" functions are not as convenient. Or extensive. But I use everything in dmx mode anyway. And they all seem to have a sound mode which is how I use my laser. Like i said, the companies are very good to work with and helpful. I am also in a position where I can afford to have glitches. I don't have a big reputation to worry a about. As long as even 2 of my lights stay on, we are good. But, I have heard of the big brand names letting people down at a critical moment as well. It's always a gamble with electronics, and hopefully less with big names. But you are right. Buy 2, and you are ahead cost wise, and have a backup.