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using a single microphone live for bluegrass

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  • using a single microphone live for bluegrass

    interested in learning about using a single mic for acoustic performance. the band has very good acoustic rehearsals but it is difficult to replicate at gigs. any ideas about what mic we should use?

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    One of the outdoor shows I do on a regular basis - as a "mixologist" and not a musician - includes a few bluegrass bands. Nobody famous. Nobody who will become famous. They run the whole range from everybody needing a mic to just one single mic on a stand in the front center of the stage.

    Actually, those groups don't sound bad at all. The bass is, of course, in the back and doesn't move at all. The acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle rotate toward the mic, each taking their respective rides, then backing up so the vocalist can sing into the same mic. I run a minimum of four monitors and place them on each side of the mic, but not directly in front of it. They know that, if they can't hear their own ride, then they should move up closer toward the mic.

    The bands that do this have their own mic and I couldn't tell you what they use. I will try to find out this week, if no one else here can answer you.

    Now, the other groups who need a mic for each instrument . . . well, that is a whole different story. Nightmares.
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      Welcome to the forum Doghouseplayer (from Ill....me too, Southern, Central, or Nothern?)
      I'd suggest not asking the question, but do several different word searches on the LAB at www.live-audio.com
      They've had a lot of discussions over there about bluegrass micing thechniques, especially since the recent bluegrass and old-timey music resurgence into the mainsteam diet of the general public, thanks to that movie et al.