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    Hi there,

    I am looking to get active speakers for my band and for gigs ranging from 50 to 200 folks. We play some Funk, pop and Rock...I have used the Mackies SRM-450 and EV SXa250 in the past.

    I never A/B them but my perception is that the EV seem to have an edge in terms of sound quality, what do you folks think?

    Also the EV have a 15 inch woofer as opposed to 12 in the Mackies, if I went with the EV's do you think I could avoid the need for a SUB because of the bigger woofer?


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    For the type of music you do I would think a sub would be essential.Shop around and see which speaker sound best to you.The new powered JBL PXR series look interesting but have not heard them yet.