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  • Active Speakers for band, Mackie or EV

    Hi there,

    Sorry for posting this twice but I made a mistake!!!

    I am looking to get active speakers for my band and for gigs ranging from 50 to 200 folks. We play some Funk, pop and Rock...I have used the Mackies SRM-450 and EV SXa250 in the past.

    I never A/B them but my perception is that the EV seem to have an edge in terms of sound quality, what do you folks think?

    Also the EV have a 15 inch woofer as opposed to 12 in the Mackies, if I went with the EV's do you think I could avoid the need for a SUB because of the bigger woofer?


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    I a/b ed the Mackie 450s with the EV SXa 100's, and thought the EV speakers sounded a lot nicer although maybe not quite as loud, (and a little cheaper). I bought four of them, and then on a whim, and because I could, I ordered a yorkville NX 550P, which is a similiar cabinet from yorkville. The yorkville totally blue away the EV's as being much nicer sounding... warmer, and richer. The EV's were returned, and now I have 6 of the yorkville boxes.

    I had the same trouble as many I suppose... which was I was not able to order the yorkville initially, becuase, even though they had been well regarded here at this forum, (which is a pretty cool forum), I could not find any to listen to anywhere, and just was not able to order them "sight un-heard". I am glad that I finally did order some though.

    Hmm.... now that I googled your SXa250, I see that it is a 15 inch speaker.... and again, it is hard to know about these things. The SXa100 that I checked out was a 12" speaker...

    15" speakers are not always better.... but sometimes they are.
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      You will NOT avoid wanting subs by getting a top cabinet with a 15" speaker.

      Depending on what you are wanting to play through them, you MIGHT decide you don't need then though.

      When I was A/Bing my cabinets, (the mackie, and the EV, I also checked out the JBL eon, (which is a 15), and thought the EV was better sounding,.... the lows were "punchier".. which is sometimes the advantage of a 12" over a 15" woofer?

      Now that said, with the yorkvilles, (12" woofer").. when I was playing electronic drums (Roland V-Custom) drums with a "funky folk" band.. acoustic electric guitar, and acoustic electric violin, and a harmonica, we never felt the need to bring the subs... we used four of the yorkvilles for monitors, (one each), and the other two for front of house, and it was fine. Subs would have added some, I am sure, but we just never felt the need... it was fine.
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        I answered your other thread before I saw this.I agree with Rbts.


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          You really will need subs. That means that a 12" cab should be fine. BTW, why are you looking at active speakers only?
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            We have both the Mackie SRM 450 and the EV SxA250 in our rental inventory. IMHO, the EV goes a little lower and has a warmer sound.
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              Thanks for all the replies...

              I compared the SRM 450 and Yorkville NX55P and prefered the Yorks, I felt the bass response to be a bit better without loosing on the overall sound. Do you think using NX25P for floor monitors would be sufficient power?