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    For those that do live sound all the time, I'm looking for tips on EQing things for live sound. How do you go about EQing the different instruments? Do you have something of a "default" EQ for different instruments, and then just adjust from there?

    Everytime I've been given a few tips on EQ it seems to have made quite a difference...

    As for tips, I've been told that you want to find a place in the frequency spectrum for each instrument. With vocals, I find rolling the lows off quite a bit helps clean them up and cut through more. With a kick drum, cutting the mids gives them presence, gets rid of the "boing" mid sound. These ideas seem to work well.

    However, The instruments that I haven't been given any tips on particularily are acoustic guitars (DI'd into the board) and electric guitar amps. I never feel like I get them sounding quite right. Even when I've done sound for other bands, those seem to be my weak spots for EQing (and I'm a guitar player! Go figure). It seems I just can't figure out what to do with these things. Your help would be welcome.

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    Acoustics: Too much low mid or bottom muddies things up, much like with vocals.

    Electrics: I often have to roll some top end off. I often have to ask the player to cut the bottom on his amp, as it puts too much felt "whump" into the room.

    Make sure the monitors are EQd for a natural sound. That big, chesty tone may make a singer feel good about himself and the wedges when he says "check!", but it does nothing to help him hear his notes, and it muddies the sound in the house.