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  • basschaplain
    started a topic iem attentuation specs

    iem attentuation specs

    I need documentation of how much attentuation I can expect from the ear buds in an IEM system.
    Also, documentation of how IEMs can allow me to adjust the volumes of other instruments.

    I went to the Shure and westone websites but didn't find what I was looking for. Maybe I missed it?

    The sounds of war have messed up my hearing.
    Some freqs I can't hear, some are diminished, some hurt my ears at only moderate or less levels.
    I can hear the vocal range but not the s, t, d, etc. very well.
    And the ringing is multi-tones and crickets.

    The VA is considering providing ear plugs that allow me to sing in choirs, etc. without the pain and still hear all the freqs.
    They are also considering providing me IEMs.

    Any ideas?

  • ear_saver
    Attenuation of an earmonitor is variable based on a couple of things...
    If you use a generic tip ie. foam, or triple flange..it totally depends on how it fits in your ears. If they fit as well as they are designed to, i think you can say 20dB of the ambient is brought down.
    If you use a sensaphonics earmold around the Shure earphone or the Sensaphonics dual driver you will hear 26dB less of the outside 'noise'. Custom fitted is always better for attenuation. You cant beat a custom seal down at the second bend of your earcanal.
    Generic tips dont always fit everyones ear canals. This is where a leak or lack of seal reduces the isolations, thereby reducing the attenuation of the earbud.
    Does this make sense to you?
    You hearing loss is not atypical. Infact, most of us will die with good low pitch hearing and will notice loss in the high pitches. We will feel the effects of living in a world that is ten times louder than that of ten years ago. Currently there isnt an earphone monitor that will compensate for the loss at the level of the earphone...perhaps one day. Now once you go in ear you will hear with greater clarity if you get a nice seal, and a decent earphone. You are on track isoaltion is the key. Consider a bud you can customize, or investing in an all in one custom.

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