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What speakers+power amp would equal a pair of QSC K12 speakers?

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    A follow-up note here with regard to QSC and passive speakers...

    In the lower line speakers targeted at the MI world, operated most typically by non-professionals who tend to struggle withthe basics and take pretty much everything out of context, they offer exclusively powered speakers and perhaps a more MI oriented marketing (as do many other manufacturers).

    It should also be noted that for the more professional users, they do offer unpowered speakers. These are not targeted towards the MI crowd, and do not offer MI oriented marketing. They also do not offer MI oriented pricing. For example, here's a new product:



    and of course, there's all the WideLine products.

    Absolutely. I agree 100%. I'd be happy owning many of their (QSC's) products. I'm just not a fan of the K-series, because I have yet to hear one that has the mid-range clarity that I like. That has nothing to do with "brand". I'm reasonably certain that they can sound quite decent in many applications, and I've specifically stated on several occasions, that I've not heard them "Live",,, only with pre-recorded music. That said, I've yet to hear an "impressive" demo. A/B'd against a PRX series for example, it's no contest IMO. I find the PRX 612 to be far more "musical".

    The OP's question was, "why don't you see passive K-series?", and I believe I've hit the nail squarely on the head, and that QSC has already faced this conundrum. Releasing a passive model, would completely undermine the K-series main marketing point,,, the 1000w rating. Obviously, that marketing strategy has had a major impact on sales and market-share, and this is undoubtedly why JBL, Yamaha, etc, decided to follow suit with similar marketing strategies.
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