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anyone here have intimate & deep first-hand knowledge of EAW 850 rig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craigv
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    I'd be concerned that you'll have a much harder time finding someone else looking for a big heavy rig when that time comes.

    I figure on leaving that detail up to the auctioneer for my widow's estate sale.

    I can see it now: "Step right up ladies and gentlemen, here we have another pallet of... uh... more stuff... do I hear $10? $5? $1... ok... throw the next pallet of... uh... whatever that other stuff is... now do I hear a buck?"

    I figure the tools, license plate collection, tackle box & fly poles, and scooters should go fairly well... the pile of new in-the-box spare board modules and 80's vintage video game parts might be a different story.