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using MRX518 and SRX718 subs together

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  • using MRX518 and SRX718 subs together

    HI All,

     I have gig this weekend at 250 person club. The band has offered me to use their pair of MRX518 subs along with mine. (My current rig is 2 srx 712 tops and 2 SRX718 subs.)  This is a dance band that plays bass heavy music.

    I have searched the forum archives and read that it is not a good idea to mix diffent types of subs due to phase issues. My fear is that the two differnet models of subs would make a muddy mess or cancel out some low frequencies..

    I was wondering if there are any resources to read about the problems of mixing different types of subs?

    I have run sound at this room before and usually center my two SRX subs. which works well for the rock bands. My other option is to borrow my fiends SRX 718 sub and use the three subs centered.

    At this point I am planning to use the three SRX subs but I am curious if anyone has tried using the MRX and SRX subs together ?



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    Gosh would be hard to tune them in to equal I would think, from what I hear the SRX are monsters and no comparison to the 518's. I certainly wouldn't do it "cold". If you had the time to set it all up and tune the gains to work with each other may work, but 3 SRX's should kick some serious booty I would think. From what I've read on here one 718 is about equivalent to two 518's, if so then your three 718's would equal six 518's. Also those 518's don't go as low as the 718's, I would very well think you could overdrive those 518's and not even hear them splattering like the dash speaker of a 74 dodge dart that's parked outside in the middle of a desert everyday. 


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      Not as big of a problem as some may seem to think, because the speakers are of the same general type, but...

      1. You will need to be sure that the MRX are set up with the same polarity (double-check)

      2. The SRX is capable of greater power handling

      3. the SRX can go lower

      Now adding cabinets will increase the LF extension, so 2 of the 718's would IMO benefit from the addition of 2 of the MRX and the total max SPL will be maybe a dB or two louder. The biggest challenge is that the MRX is a 4 ohm cabinet so you can not use the same amp that you are using for the 718 as that's an 8 ohm box. A suitably sized (as in ~500w/4 ohms) amp on the MRX would be needed, and gain matched to the other sub amp.

      If you can get a 3rd 718, that's about the same as the 4 box mixed system but more convenient.