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EV PL-35 & ND868 Mics

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  • EV PL-35 & ND868 Mics

    Hi all,


    Just wondering if anyone has used these drum mics and had any opinions? I can get a good price on them today but have had 0 experience with them.




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    I have both, but haven't used the N/D 868 yet.

    I bought a few of the EV PL-series drum-mic kits,,, the 7pc kit with a PL-33 (kick) four PL-35's (toms/snare), and a pair of PL-37's for o'heads.,,,, and I also bought the 5pc kit ( 1 PL-33 and 4 PL-35's). With the PL-33's, I got a very good kick sound, right out of the box, and I've been quite happy with the PL-35's as well.

    A few years back, they were giving these things away. MF had them on their Stupid-Deal-Of-The-Day for $99 I believe (5pc kit). The 7pc kit, last time I looked, was going for $649.

    The N/D868 seems to get some very good reviews for kick, as well as bass-cabs. I've also got a Senn 900-series kit (e902's (kick), 904's (toms) /,e905 (snare) w AKG C-451b's for o'heads, which I bought for studio use..

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      I bought two of the 5 piece sets when on sale. With minimal effort you can get them all into one case. I think they sound fine but what do I know - I think my cheap Nady drum mics are fine too .

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    I've got an 868, nice mic. I prefer it over my PR40 for some things

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      I've been using the PL35 on toms with the PL33 on floor for some time now. With a tight Q pull around 350hz on the toms and 320hz on the floor and they are good to go.
      The drum mount is very sturdy but hard to put on some kits. I've thought about using a dremel on them for some time but have not as of right now.


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        Thanks everyone,


        I appreciate the feedback