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    I am a newby and would appreciate advice on hooking up an EQ and effects board. I have a Mackie 1202-VLZ3 mixer and Behringer NU6000 amp already hooked up in my rack. Appreciate help given, if any more info is needed, let me know.

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    What are you powering with the NU6000? There are very few cabs that can survive that much power for long . Is that smoke I smell ?


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      Wrong amp for a Newb!

      I think that thing is like 1300watts rms @ 8ohms?

      Be real darn careful with that amp hooked up to your loudspeakers.

      If that is a brand new amp consider swapping it for an NU3000.

      Google how to set a limiter on a sound system.

      Set the limiter with a HUGE safety factor!




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        NU6000 is running 1500 watts on 8 ohm. My speakers are rated 2500 peak, so I am good on that. I don't plan to run it that high often, but play different size venues and want the extra power when needed. Most of the time it won't go past halfway. Thanks for the concern!

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      I don't believe the speaker rating for even a minute.
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        I totally agree. If he's running anything less than JBL SRX... that magic smoke gonna come out.