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Problem with XR12 WiFi

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  • Problem with XR12 WiFi

    I use a XR12 in my guitar rack to pre-mix all of my various instruments (electric, steel-string, mandolin, etc.). I use my phone to connect to it with the xAir app, which has always worked just fine. I do the same thing with my X32, and have never had a problem with it.

    Last night, I showed up at the gig and the WiFi refused to connect. After a couple of resets, I finally got the WiFi to connect, but halfway through the app connecting to the console, it disconnected again and refused to reconnect. After multiple rounds of power cycling and resetting to no avail, I finally gave up. Trouble is, I had my mandolin channel muted and had no way to turn it on.

    The show was sold out, so I assume that there were a lot of devices in the audience...but that's no different than in many previous gigs.

    Two questions:

    1) Any idea of the root cause, and is there a way to fix it?

    2) Does anyone have a work-around? Once the show starts, I cannot dig into the back of the rack and try to make repairs, and without a physical interface I am backed into a corner if I need to make an adjustment. (I do a lot of theater work, so I cannot just stop and take a break or delay the start of the performance.)

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    This is a pretty well documented issue. If you're using the internal wifi, stop using that and use an external router/hotspot, same as what you use with your X32. The internal wifi is not robust, and will fail on you, likely at the worst possible moment. Which is exactly what happened. You might be able to get away with the internal wifi in an isolated environment, such as your rehearsal space, but once you're in a public place all bets are off.


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      Yes, a simple dedicated wireless router like the https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-AC100.../dp/B071J24FNY will only set you back about $60. And it will be way more reliable.


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        Understood. Trouble is, I would also have to buy a larger rack to accomodate it (yes, it's that tight, and intentionally so). Given that the one it's in is less than a year old, it's more than a bit annoying.

        I guess that this is the penalty for buying Brand B. Poor design quality....you get what you pay for.

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          Actually people are complaining about the Souncraft UI & QSC Touch mixers wifi too. It isn't just an issue with Behringer. The mixer does its job well. Since none of these companies are in the business of doing wifi routers they aren't going to be as reliable as a network companies router. They are only going to be as good as the supplier that supplies them their wifi boards. And I have no doubt that to keep costs down, they all probably use the same lowest cost supplier.