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handheld stagecondensermics for vocals what mic is best in your opinion?

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  • handheld stagecondensermics for vocals what mic is best in your opinion?

    whatsyour best handheld stage condenser mic
    what was your experience moving from dynamic handheld mics to handheld condenser mics?

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    I use a headworn condenser. Realistically, aside from the phantom power requirement, the only real difference is clarity.


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      well, if you want to pay like $700, there are several great choices, but at that price, the Sennheiser e965 is the only one I have experience with.

      Rode has a couple of inexpensive units [M2/M3 but I have only seen them, not worked with them, so I can't say much...same with the Sennheiser e865
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        I used an EV Pl 84 for a while and liked the sound, but with the mixers only turning on phantom in units of 4 or globally it was sometimes a problem so I switched to Senheiser e935 which, while not a condenser, sounds as good to me as the EV does.
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          I'm partial to the Audio Technica AE5400. It is Billy Joel's go to mic.
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            I have 3 of the Cad C195. Really good budget condenser. Tons of gain!


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              I might have had something to do with the very earliest USA versions of this mic under the original model number CAD-95 (about 25 years ago)

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            Shure SM86 flies under the radar and is a real sleeper. One of the best mics I have ever used. Prefer it to every Beta series mic I ever tried. I had 40 or so mics in my locker and when I wasn't using my Earthworks SR40's ($1500 MAP) I went straight to the SM86. I like it that much, and it is under $200.


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              I like the Shure 87a as far as sound goes. I do find it, like many other condensers, is a bit susceptible to feedback compared to dynamic mics but once I reigned that in I love it.