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Carvin Audio Returns

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  • Carvin Audio Returns

    Looks like Carvin Audio is back. https://carvinaudio.com/blogs/news/c...arvinaudio-com

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    No pa gear though by the look of things?


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      No guitar and bass amps, just wireless in-ear monitors, microphones and a guitar pedal. I don't see them competing successfully against anybody.
      When was the last time you heard anyone clamoring for a Carvin mic? Samson and AKG sell better low cost wireless. It looks the they decided to just sell the worst products in their inventory. I have a Carvin wireless built in my 20 channel mixer, its only good for calling bingo or when the management of a venue I'm playing wants to make an announcement. And they plan on selling direct? Good luck competing with the big online retailers! I have 3 Carvin guitars, a few years ago I bought a Carvin PA system. All of the 'accessories' I bought because of those big ticket items, I bought them at the same time. Who is gonna buy this stuff? If I buy a mixer and speaker from Sweetwater or Amazon, why would I then go to Carvin for the cables, mics and other accessories?