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    Music Go Round just received a set of these. Need to be cleaned up and the rat fur is lifting on the edges. I posted before about buying another set of subs. I always wanted another Yorkville set. Well they are asking 250 for the SET!! Due to looking a little rough and knowing that one has a Rockville driver in it. I am going the guess the other has a cheapo as well. Would you pull the trigger? They would only be used in larger venues and outdoor shows. Taking in to account both speakers will most likely need to be replaced at 300 a pop would you pull the trigger?
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    I used to have a pair of LS800P's. Great subs. Low and loud. They needed a little EQ to sound their best, but everything does.

    If you plan on replacing the drivers, which you probably should, just realize that you're paying $125 each for cabinets. But if you think they'd work for you despite their size and age, go ahead and get them. If you're not pairing them up with more LS808's, maybe you can get by with the drivers that are in there now, at least for a while.


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      You certainly couldn't build a box with hardware for that price. Go with whatever drivers is in them until you can properly load them later. I have the Ls801pb's and they sound fine and , at least the powered ones , measure flat.