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Midas increases warranty to 10 years

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  • Midas increases warranty to 10 years

    It looks like Midas has increased its warranty to 10 years on all products purchased after 1st of September 2014. http://www.music-group.com/brand/mid...prise/warranty
    Even my M32r is covered by this. Should you have a X32 line it may be worth while to see it Music Group has increase their warranty time as well.

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    That's one long warranty period!

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      It's like Craftsman tools with their lifetime warranty. The warranty cost them ~1.5% to enforce but results in a 31% increase in sales because people buy their tools because of the warranty.

      I have some ammunition reloading equipment made by Dillon Precision. They have a 100% lifetime "No B.S." warranty. No matter what happens to their equipment they will make good on it. Anything! They are the number one in the industry.

      This seems to be what Midas is going after.
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      Thanks Anton


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        The reliability on the X32/M32 line has gotten silly high. They have performed several hardware revisions to correct some of the early issues (as well as a few production process improvements) and now have an extremely reliable product.

        The X32 is priced in a way that simply doesn't require a higher warranty since nothing in its price range has a better warranty.

        The MIDAS version has had issues making a case for its higher price though. As it turns out, the X32 preamps are nearly equal to the M32 preamps (not quite ... especially at higher gain levels), and with the same digital processing engine, people struggle to hear a difference.

        Sure, the MIDAS faders are much more solid, and are designed to work longer, but these two items and a MIDAS logo are a tough sale for the higher price.

        A 10 year warranty? Well, well, well..... now that will catch a few people's eyebrows for sure.

        I know that I really loved the fact that my Yamaha DSR112's were warranted for a full 7 years (more than double any other manufacturer in this price range). It makes a difference to many buyers.

        I wonder if Music group will raise the warranty on the X32 line as well?
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          I see you have the DSR112's. What is you take on them in the real world? I have EV SXA250's and Yorkville EF500p tops that I mix and match to Yorkville LS801pb subs. I'm looking for the lighter weight of the EV's but close to the output of the yorkvilles. Pictures of them in action and your overall thoughts on them ? ;-) Thanks; Doug