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    So, I've been a performing artist for quite a while, though I admittedly not the most tech savvy when it comes to sound equipment.

    I've played for quite some time in a 4-piece - bass, drums, guitar and 3 vocals. We started as a small club band and have grown to do mostly casino's, weddings and corporate events. Through that time, we ditched almost all of our thrown together PA and use sound companies to handle the PA.

    And... now we've decided that we'd like to add back in some local small club gigs (150ish people). All I have left is a Soundcraft board and 2 JBL PRX612's. I'm thinking that, for the time being, I can add a decent 18" powered sub, and that would be sufficient. The rooms I'm looking at will need mainly the bass drum (maybe a little snare and toms) and minimal bass guitar, as our bassists rig should fill up the room. So mostly, I'll be mic'ing guitar and 3 vocals. Am I crazy in thinking a single 1x18 sub will be sufficient?

    In my initial search the EON 618S seemed as though it would be a good choice. Again, if you think there are better options out there, I'm definitely open for suggestions.

    I look forward to any responses, as I'm looking forward to getting back to playing more local gigs. Thanks for reading!

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    I'm finding these days that people or venues that like live music, usually don't want it crazy loud. If they want it loud they will go the DJ route.

    I've used one 18" sub {Yorkville 801p) and even one 15" sub with tops, many times for crowds of 100 to 150. I can't speak to the JBL subs, but frankly, two Yorkville 801P's would outrun those tops anyway - at least in a band like yours. Why carry more gear than you need, unless it's a high paying gig, and you want redundancy.


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      I appreciate the response. And agree completely. If it's a high paying gig, I'll pay a sound company to handle.

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    I run a single sub from time to time in smaller rooms. Set it close as possible to a side wall or in center depending on the room. I use the Yorkville LS801pb with a single EV SXA250 "a side" for rooms like these. No problems and a good easy Lug ;-) In these smaller rooms the band turns their backline around to face them and put it all in the P.A. for me to mix. Keeps the stage volume way down and gives a good mix headroom for me.

    Now if you don't worry about weight..... http://yorkville.com/subwoofers/elite/product/ls2100p/
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      To be fair, while the LS801p is an SPL monster, it is around 145lbs IIRC.

      I am still a fan of the PRX618/718/818 XLF subs. All of these have a really good sound to them and mate perfectly with your tops.

      I would personally prefer two (and actually do own 2 myself), but even one would be a nice add to your PA.

      Note, these subs only weigh 81 lbs. My 52 year old back can still lift one into the back of my SUV if needed
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        I have two EV ZXA1 Subs that weigh 45lbs a piece that I can one hand. I have yet to come across any of the rooms we play like of World of Beer and other bars that they wont carry well. World of Beer probably seats about 150 plus I think. On the tops I have DXR8s which make for a very compact system. If I had to haul a heavy100lb plus subs I would quit doing gigs. Was at place that had house sound and they had 4 18s and it was stupid loud. I wont go there again because I value my hearing.
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          Originally posted by Dookietwo View Post

          Now if you don't worry about weight..... http://yorkville.com/subwoofers/elite/product/ls2100p/
          I've been using one Yorkie PSA1S with four NX750P,s or sometimes four PS12P's, on the boat cruises I do. I'm really digging the PSA1S. We used to use an LS2100P for the cruises, great thump, but there was a bit of a hole in the "upper" lows. The PSA1S's are tight, and go way low. Nice stuff. http://yorkville.com/subwoofers/paraline/product/psa1s/
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            Rather than end up with a mix and match system, I would agree that getting the matching 618 JBL's (or even the 718xlf's) is a better idea. Especially if you plan on selling or trading them in in the future. My experience is that a matching system is much easier to sell. Also like One Egg says The products were engineered to work together. A single 718xlf can cover most small bars.
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              We're a 5 piece classic rock band and play a lot of rooms like you describe and set up just like you do. We run 1 sub all of the time and it works just fine. We have an older pair of Mackie powered speakers that work and sound great and we added a JBL powered sub ( can't remember which model). Anything bigger, we hire out.
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                I've used just one sub a many of times and as already mention add JBL XLF sub to match up with your tops and you be golden. Just remember let the system carry the load not the stage volume wash.