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FBT Mitus 112a?

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  • FBT Mitus 112a?


    Has anyone on here tried the FBT Mitus 112a?

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    I don't have direct experience with the Mitus 112A's, but I have used the Mitus 210M and Mitus 118SA models. It's a very well built and good sounding line of products. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them if they're a good fit for your application.
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      Thanks. At the moment I'm using Yamaha DXR15's which have been very good but I'd like to step things up a little.
      I've had experience with FBT's budget ranges (X-Lite 12a and J12a) and was surprised at how loud and deep these speakers go (particularly the J12a).
      I have successfully run bass and a fully miked drum kit (along with keys and 4x vocals) through just a pair of DXR15's and get many compliments on how good the sound is. The DXR15's handle kick drum and bass guitar surprisingly well for a pair of speakers on stands. For bigger gigs I add a pair of QSC KW181's which sound great.

      I'm particularly interested at finding out if the FBT Mitus 112a can go as low and loud as the DXR15's and handle bass guitar and a fully miked drum kit by themselves!? Looking at the specs the DXR15's go down to 49hz @ -10dB vs the Mitus 112a's 50hz @ -6dB!? This should mean the FBT's will go at least as low as the DXR's!?