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A/B box with XLR output?

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  • A/B box with XLR output?

    I'd like to run my acoustic and my electric through the same pedalboard. It's no big deal to find an A/B box, but I'd then have to run a DI box on the acoustic output. Does anyone know of an A/B box with a DI/XLR output built in? I'd like to mount it right to the top of my pedalboard - send the A channel to my board output, then the B channel directly to the PA. When I'm not playing acoustic (which is most of the time), I could use the A/B as a mute switch at the end of the chain.

    Does such a product exist? If not, I may drill out another hole in the pedalboard and permanently install an XLR jack wired to a DI box mounted under the board. I just don't have the real estate for an A/B box AND a DI on my board, and I'd prefer not to have anything off my board.
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