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    I run the sound system at my church, but am only a novice and I'm hoping to find someone familiar with the equipment we have. We have a Samson TXM20 mixer, running 2 speakers facing the congregation and 3 monitors for the stage instrument players. My understanding is that the Main volume fader control is the master and adjusts all levels, while the Mono fader adjusts only the monitors. Each instrument has its own channel/fader control. What I'm trying to learn is if there is a way to control the monitor volume of an individual instrument. We have two main monitors on each side of the stage, but we also have a smaller 3rd monitor for one of our guitar players that struggles to hear his playing. All of the stage music goes through all 3 monitors however, and it often drowns out his guitar in his monitor. It would be helpful to turn up only his guitar in only his monitor, or at the least turn his guitar up over all 3 monitors. Right now I'm only aware of how to turn up all instruments/mics together through the monitors. Is there something I need to set up in order to do this or is it already a possibility? Sorry for the ignorance, either I couldn't find this info in the manual or I didn't understand correctly. Thanks

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    I believe you can use the AUX1 control and AUX1 bus and the AUX2 control and AUX2 bus to set up monitor mixes. You have the manual? Look up the channel control descriptions, it should explain setting up a monitor mix using the pre-fader AUX channels.
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      As mentioned, that mixer has the ability to give you 2 different monitor mixes, BUT that doesn't mean you can use them for independent mixes. From what I read in the manual, while it's a powered mixer, it only has 2 amplifiers. You need 3 amps to make this work because each independent mix needs it's own amp channel. Three gives you an amp for the mains, and one each of the two monitor sends. So you'll need another amp or, you could get different monitor, one with an amplifier built in (powered speaker / active speaker)

      Operation wise, Aux 1 is "pre-fader", meaning changes to the channel faders don't affect the volume. Aux 2 has a switch that allows you to have pre or post fader. Set this to the "pre-fader". Now you just use the Aux 1 and Aux 2 knobs on each channel to adjust that mix. 2 of your monitors will have to share a mix, but you'll be able give a unique mix to the player that needs more of himself.

      Oh, from what you wrote about turning up all the music together in the monitors, it looks like you have your amps set up in "mains" mode. You need to switch that to free up one of the amps for the monitors (again, this only gives you one mix). If you need all the power of the "mains mode" to drive your mains, then you'll need 2 amps, or 3 powered monitors, to get amp power to the monitors. The manual is actually pretty good. I'd suggest getting familiar with it.
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        I will look into your solutions and may return for additional questions. Thanks for the quick responses.


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          Have you looked at the owner's manual for your mixer? Often they have suggestions about how to use it in your scenario.
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