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Yet another Carvin head shaker

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  • Yet another Carvin head shaker

    A couple years back I picked up a used Carvin S400D StageMate for cheap that is basically a two way (non-biamp'd I think) 10" 50 watt powered speaker with a built-in four channel mixer - good for acoustic duos and such and fairly loud. It can have an internal battery (or two for more runtime) but I've never replaced the missing (and presumed long dead) one. It will also run off a car lighter outlet.

    Anyways after looking for those couple of years one of the "matching" model 810 passive extension cabs came up on eBay a couple weeks back for $200 OBO and they took my $100 offer. I unboxed it yesterday for a smallish gig and found that the extension cab has a piezo tweeter where the main unit has a compression driver . My research today says that the 810 was a 805 with just S400D cosmetics to "match". Oy vey - they sound obviously different as you might imagine. Oh, and to top it off the eBay ad never showed the bottom, which has the pole cup missing .

    Other than that the total 100w system did OK in a small club with a drummer, guitarist, keyboard player, and bass - just two vocals and the keys in the "PA".

    I'll probably tweak/add the piezo "crossover" as I've done to others in the past to tame it a bit for a better "match".
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