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Cat5e plus AC to front of house

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  • Cat5e plus AC to front of house

    Finally making transition to digital mixing – X32 Compact + S32 snake.

    Is it still wise to run an ac line from stage/amp rack just to keep everything on same ground and minimize ground loop issues?

    .....or is that no longer really an issue with digital boards and cat5 snake.

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    Power isn't as much of an issue, but issues can still pop up once in a while. I like to be prepared, so I have everything I need in my snake.

    Mine is 200', 14/3 SOOW bundled with 2 tactical shielded Cat5's and a 4-pair XLR snake. Covers all the bases, including when I need DMX or intercom from FOH.

    I once had an act run their console off my spare Cat5, and occasionally I'll run network over it, but usually it's just a backup. It's nice to know I just have to pull one cable out front and everything is taken care of.