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Help with RCF 710A's

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  • Help with RCF 710A's

    You guys have been helpful in the past, so I thought I'd check in here again.

    I have two pairs of RCF 710a's. One set each of the original and the MkII version. (I actually prefer the original with one input that can take 1/4" or XLR as opposed to the MkII which has separate 1/4" and XLR inputs and requires physically moving a switch on the unit when going from one type to the other. But, I digress...)

    Anyhow, a while back, one of my original 710a's starting making a faint high-pitched sound when on. It's often unnoticeable unless you're listening for it, but depending on the room, it can be more noticeable. I tried taking the speaker in for service to two well-regarded service centers and both turned down the job saying they won't service RCF because RCF doesn't release service manuals, and they can't obtain parts either. I tried contacting RCF USA and they told me they no longer have parts for the original 710a's.

    Recently, the other original 710a started acting up too. In this case, only the tweeter is playing. I suspect that there's just a simple fix, but have no way of determining this, since I'm not particularly electronically inclined, and the techs have told me they won't touch RCF gear.

    As a result, I have two questions. 1) Are either (or both) of these repairable in any way? I live in North Jersey just outside NYC, if that's useful in terms of recommending a tech. 2) If not, is there any value in these units for spare parts?

    Thoughts, suggestions, helpful info etc. really appreciated. Thank you!

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    Gabriel Sound - www.speakerrecone.com. I'll send you a PM with a specific contact email, phone and some additional information.
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      See my comments in your other thread.
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        Thanks, Agedhorse. I replied there.