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    Never money to do it right but always enough to do it over.
    Bill Cronheim
    Entertainment Systems Corporation
    Back stage since 1965
    Equipment specialist since 1973

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    Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm in a similar position but rather. "Never enough brains to do it right but more money to do it over". A few years ago my employer built a new club. Before construction planning even got started I sent out several emails with suggestions on how to correctly build a performance venue. They were ignored and we got sold a bill of goods from an A/V company who had obviously not had much experience with LIVE sound (why listen to experience when you can have some salesman with an agenda of maximum profit tell you what you need?).

    New owners and there are already plans to remodel the room. I'm going to send the same emails (nearly a carbon copies) once again but to several different directors this time. Somehow I think the Food & Beverage guys will listen closer than the self serving technical staff (my boss ). Nothing's perfect and compromises must be made but it just might be better (hope springs eternal ).

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      Agreed, that's why I have finally retired from installation and service. Clients are often their own worst enemy, and when things don't go their way can be downright disgusting to have to deal with.
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