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Environment operating temp RCF 310a

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  • Environment operating temp RCF 310a

    Anyone know the environment temperature range?
    I'm providing sound for an a capella group outside this weekend. Expected temp of around 10F, give or take.
    I'm ditching my digital mixer and going with an old analog.
    I'd prefer to use RCF 310a speakers but can't find the environment temperature range.
    My other option is use an old Peavey xr800 with two generic boxes.

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    I've had my RCF310A's not come out of protect when that cold .

    I couldn't find a published range for those but some other RCF equipment lists
    0 to 50 °C / 32 to 122 °F
    which seems about right to me.
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    I'd be more concerned that your fingers might stick to the fret board under those temps... that might leave a mark or two on the 'ol fingerprints
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      A new product development opportunity: gloves for guitar players
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    The temp was -2F with a mild to moderate breeze. I decided that the acoustics of the sort-of band shell was good enough, and it was.
    Interesting parade. Made up almost exclusively of snow removal equipment from current models to at least 1950s, give or take. From shovels to large plows. Also a few current and classic snow machines. Heikki Lunta festival to get snow to fall.
    Thanks for the replies. Would have been interesting to work a sound mixer with gloves thick enough to handle the cold.