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2-Pole to 4-Pole Speakon Cable?

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  • 2-Pole to 4-Pole Speakon Cable?


    I'm looking for a more robust connection between a single QSC GX5 power amp and 2 pairs of speakers (4 total). Currently the power amp is connected to all 4 speakers via the binding posts terminating into a patch box with two 4-pole speakon connectors. The speakers occasionally make a loud "static boom" noise which will likely result in damage over time.

    One solution is to add a second GX5 power amp and call it a day. However, cost restraints prevent this.

    So my question is, is it possible to take two 4-pole speakon cables (one for each channel L + R) and fit 2-pole connectors to one end of each?

    For example:

    +1 and +2 on the 4-pole to +1 on the 2-pole.
    -1 and -2 on the 4-pole to -1 on the 2-pole.

    4-pole to the patch box and 2-pole to the GX5 power amp.

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    Do you know what is actually causing the loud static boom noise?
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      I haven't investigated the cause as of yet, but would still like to check the wiring.


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        What exactly are you trying to do? Everything you have is configured already to work with 2 pole NL2 (female) connectors already. At the speaker end, just jump one cabinet to the other on each side, one cable to each side and you are done. Simple and easy.

        The speaker wiring is not causing your noise, this I am sure of. What is causing the noise is worthy of some careful investigation.
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          I feel I should explain the set up a little further.

          Currently there are 2 pairs of speakers (4 total) set up in full range stereo. One pair is hung in the air above the stage (front) while the other pair is mounted to the wall (rear).

          Both pairs are wired behind the walls to a patch box at the back of the room and the patch box has a pair of 4-pole female speakons, one for the front left & right, and one for the rear left & right.

          The cables connecting the power amp & the patch box are 4-pole male speakons into the patch box and bare copper wire connects to the binding posts of the power amp. A total of 8 cables for both channels (L + R), 4 for positive, 4 for negative.

          The example below refers to creating a DIY speakon cable with one end using 4-pole connectors (to patch box) and the other using 2-pole connectors (to power amp).

          +1 and +2 on the 4-pole to +1 on the 2-pole.
          -1 and -2 on the 4-pole to -1 on the 2-pole.

          Would this be possible and connect all 4 speakers to the 2-pole speakon outputs on the QSC GX5 power amp?

          I'm with you on thinking the wiring isn't causing the noise & I've never experienced it happening while in charge of events. It's only colleagues who report the issue which makes me think it could possibly just be clipping. Although I haven't had time to gather any further information.


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            A good start is a user manual for you. And yes it would be possible to connect all four speakers to the speakon outputs of that amp.

            You simply have to split the output out of your patch bay/ 4 pole.



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              Thank you for linking the manual. So a pair of speakon cables wired as below should be what I'm looking for?

              Black wires are cable 1, red are cable 2.
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                Assuming I understand what you'd like to do, I'll suggest it's generally difficult to parallel connections inside Speakon cord ends (NL4FC for example). I've found it's "easier" to solder parallel connections on Speakon male panel jacks (NL4MP for example). It takes some craftsmanship to do a nice job with soldered parallel connections on the male Speakon panel jacks... using a "lighter gauge" wire... 14ga. or preferably 16ga. is way easier than 12ga. ( using heavier than 12ga. is really not feasible) Also tinning the wire and termination tabs on the jacks with "just the right amount of solder"... so you don't have to add solder when making the final "melt" of the wire onto the termination tabs is extremely helpful. Also, I shrink-tube the solder joints... I don't know that it's all that necessary, but it's a nice touch.
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                  You can do whatever you want ... but using non standard speakon cables is very risky.

                  And as others have said, your noise issue isn't related to your speaker cables. Speakers don't make noise, they just play the signal they are given so your problem is further up the chain.
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                    Since it's a passive system, I have to ask. Is there a driverack PA involved? Once you've heard that "boom" it's kind of hard to forget!