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    I have a couple of 1604's laying in storage that could use this technique as well.


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    I think someone brought that board in and wanted us to fix it back when, in another lifetime, I used to manage a gear repair shop.

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      That's going to have to go back in the shop again.
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      Thanks Anton


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        A very long time ago I saw a used Mackie 1604 in a store. It looked like it had also been run over by something. The faders were all bent, but I decided to check it out. I was trying to see if the faders still traveled in-spite of being bent. The sales guy comes running over and exclaims, hey don't touch the faders, they might break off and then we'll have trouble selling the board! I looked at him without saying anything, hoping he'd realize what an incredibly stupid thing he had said. He did not, so I gave him a piece of my mind.

        To this day, that's the worst piece of gear I've ever seen in a store, and that's not because it was a 1604. In fact, I still have mine, in perfect shape. Can't give it away though...


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          I have a friend who owns one. He also runs a city owned amphitheater. He basically donated it to them as it's easier to move that their ancient Crest board. It lives in a locked room in a downtown park on a river. He says "if it floods and gets ruined..........who cares" . I've run several shows on this mixer and as dirty & beat up as it is, it always works (every channel - every switch). To it's credit, it would take a buss (or flood) to kill this mixer.

          Great video

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            Which Crest console?
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              [YOUTUBE] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9GK7a5LB54[/ YOUTUBE]
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