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Stuck XLR cable on input jack?

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  • Stuck XLR cable on input jack?

    Best way to unstick the input cable on EV Live X 18" sub input jack any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Carefully, very carefully.

    The most common way is to disassemble the cable mount connector. If it's a Neutrik style, sometimes the recess that the latch locks into gets damaged so the release can't clear.
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      Thanks Andy


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        Had the same problem with mogami cables, make sure you take a knife and get all that paint off the oblong hole after you get it off. The problem is when you press the clip on the speaker, it's not pulling the metal holder out of the oblong hole on the on the mic clip. Very frustrating especially first time when I was tearing down, had to leave it in the speaker until I had more time to fiddle with it