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    It's been a bit since I was last here but I am back to get some more abuse because I love it lol!!! Many thanks to those who have helped me in the past. Agehorse was a huge help! So I think it's time to finally get some better tops. What we are running now is an Allen Heath Mixwiz, Yorkville 801P subs and wait for it.......Behringer B212D tops. DBX x-over. It's what we could afford at the time. I do subscribe to the buy once cry once thought process however I suppose I amd still in the buy once process even after several years. I say that because the B212D were always a stop gap until we got better tops and they were put to use in monitor duty which they do very well for the price. We decided now is the time. Most shows were inside and we were able to squeeze just enough out of them but recently have started doing bike night / Harley dealer type stuff and they can't keep up. Are Genre is 70s / 80s rock.

    So what to get? I am guilty of loving the little orange badge. Who doesn't right lol! I have wanted the PRX for awhile and now that they have dropped the price they really have me interested. I have also considered the EV live X and ZLX lines. I also think a 12 would be the choice since we are running subs. There is a used set of ZLX 15 for 375 a piece but maybe a 15 over subs might be overkill? I have listened to all with music and to be honest the EV's sounded very smooth compared to the JBL. The JBL's were so much more in your face which I think I liked better. Especially to get vocals out front. If it is too much we could eq that out. I also feel with the price now they are a much better value with better resale and to be honest a better box overall.

    So it looks as if I have made my choice of the PRX712's. I value everyones opinion here. Is my reasoning sound?
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    Yep. If you like the JBL sound and the brand in general, there's not been a better time to buy the PRX712. You're essentially getting new for the price of used a few months ago. Most places are $499, but ProAudioStar has them for $449 and brand new. You have to watch them as they do a lot of "used", "b-stock, and "returns" which don't have a warranty. The always note the condition/type, you just have to pay attention. In this case the appear to be minty fresh.

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      I would prefer EV


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        ZLX vs PRX, PRX all day.


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          ZLX will be very slightly better, if at all, than your Behringers.

          PRX and live X are both better


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            consider the option EV Sx 300


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              OP, while the PRX712 is a great speaker (I have a pair myself), keep in mind that they do not have a built-in hi-pass filter and your subs also cannot hi-pass the signal to your tops. Unless you have a crossover handy, I would look into a top speaker that has built in hi-pass. The ELX112P would be an improvement over the B212 cabs. The ZLX would be a sideways move, IMO. QSC K12s would also be dandy, as would Yamaha DXR12.

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                I just purchased a pair of the Yamaha DSR112 (step up from DXR) and Love them!! Great speakers
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