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Advice on connecting electret condensor to a wireless unit

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  • Advice on connecting electret condensor to a wireless unit

    My wife is a pretty good fiddle player.
    She has a really nice violin and really nice pickup ( https://secure.schertler.com/en_US/s...ups/stat-v-set ). It is (I'm pretty sure) an electret microphone that sits in the bridge and then hooks up to a little box that provides bias voltage and a volume knob, as well as an instrument level output.

    I think that she would like to be wireless with this setup, but having a body pack plus the preamp seems like an annoying kind of thing... when she was using IMEs for her last theater gig, she traded into a sennhieser for her imes just to have a smaller body pack just to avoid a bulkier shure pack. Having 3 boxes (IEM, preamp, transmitter) on her little elastic belt under her dress seems clunky.

    Is it possible to find a body pack instrument transmitter that can provide a bias voltage? I have okay soldering and construction skills, but I'm far from an engineer... would it be possible to build a wire that would hook up between the pickup and a transmitter pack that could provide the bias voltage for the mic? Also, I'm not familiar with the connector between the mic and the preamp box... is that something yall have seen before? Any recommendations on a wireless unit ( I was looking at a line6 model, but I'm not sure which provide bias)? If it helps in making a recommendation, we live in the sticks so there isn't a lot of interference for 90% of gigs, and having a body pack small enough she could fit under her chin rest would be really nice. I think the last time I saw the Wheel one of their fiddle players had a transmitter there, but I could be wrong.

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    You absolutely need to understand exactly what pickup you have, and if it is an electret, if it's a 2 wire or 3 wire config. THEN, you need to research which format the wireless transmitter supports. Not all transmitters support both formats in an easily adaptable way. Once you determine this, you will need to source the specific connector and pin-out that matches the transmitter. Some transmitters use the same connector but wired differently FYI.
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