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Crown XTI 2000 issue

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    Once a bad amp always a bad amp. Let me ask you this....do you want the slightest chance of another arggggghh moment? or when there's a super oops and it toasts a couple drivers? I had an XTI once, worst amplifier experience I ever had. If you knew that was the proper fix, it would be a good investment but it sounds like your just throwing parts at a problem your not quite sure it will fix. Don't forget the time you are putting into this either. Time is money!


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      If you decide you're going to replace the board..................at least reflow the top-side solder joints for the affect channel's pot (R73 or R74).

      I'm not sure, since I can't actually FIND the pots on the schematic (only the wipers) ...... but I think the pots are set up as voltage dividers, with the wiper setting the ratio. If either pin 1 or pin 3 of the pot is not connected properly, you will get a barely-attenuated signal into the first op-amp (U5-B) ... and this signal might be out of phase with the other channel!!

      This circuit is not all that complex, but servicing it without tools for working with SMT is probably a non-starter.

      Another option you might have is to just verify that the two channels are in phase and run channel 1 wide open also.

      Caveat: I am neither experienced, nor a tech. If you're not comfortable potentially ruining your hardware, don't listen to me.

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        It's a gamble. like any other gamble. You pays your money and you spin the wheel.
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          Typically there is a "known" serial number range by the factory that had the bad parts.
          Your amp either falls into that number range or it does not as far as the bad cable/display issue.


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            I for one tend to repair older gear if it still has some "wear" left in it, however, in your case it would be a toss-up.
            If it were me I'd call Crown and pressure them again about the ribbon cable issue...
            Did you give crown your serial # and have them look it up?

            (I had emailed Crown the serial #'s of my 4 units [yes, I have four of these] and Crown sent the ribbon cable / front panels no questions asked.)

            Since the ribbon cable issue came out a few years ago crown may feel that if there was (or IS) a production issue it should have become evident a while ago.

            If you want, PM me and I'll send you the serial # of one of my units (that crown said was one of the affected units)...... now if crown says that unit was manufactured after the defect was discovered.....well then there is an issue with service......

            The above would be a good experiment in human nature.....

            FWIW There seems to be quite a few Crown XTI amps available on the used market in your state http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/search/msa?query=crown. I have a couple of them. They are light (11lbs.) and do the job for me. I have not heard any complaints about them.....


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              Have used the amp in my jam room (not close to gig levels) for a month since the last issue and haven't been able to get it to fail in a similar manner. (or at all) Can I circumvent the problem with the Channel 2 attenuator passing a full level signal inadvertently by using the DSP and routing the input through the Y setting thus only using the input and attenuator from channel 1 but still getting output from both channels?


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                Has it really been 2.5 years? So, one of my "works fine ever since" XTi 2000 amps developed a funny little thing yesterday.

                After booting up, the input display thinks it has an input even though it does not. Front panel LED tree flickers like a low/moderate level input.

                Nothing even plugged into the amp at all. Shows up in System Architect display as well. Other than that the amp functions normal.

                Anyone else see this on their old XTi amps?


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                  After booting up, the input display thinks it has an input even though it does not. Front panel LED tree flickers like a low/moderate level input.

                  Possibly a dirty contact on the input switch / sensor? That's the first thing I'd check. Try cleaning the input jacks with some DeOxit and see if that fixes it.

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