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  • mic cleaning

    Cleaned our 58 and Beta 58,s for the first time after a gig last night where a guy with really bad breath used one. It actually still smelt bad next day. The others had no noticeable odour. Mild soap and diluted mouthwash.

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    You might have to replace the foam inside the ball. I don't know what kind of adhesive to use (a little dab will do ya) - Others here might know. Also you can also buy aftermarket balls (sounds a little weird but if Barbie & ken are OK with them, why not ;-) for not much money.

    Wow REALLY bad breath! I used to work with a singer who..........well who whew where his mouth had been. I had him use a windscreen (and probably should have used rubber gloves to remove it :-). Can you say bio-hazard? Ick!
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      The foams were in really good condition, not clogged with anything unsavoury lol


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        Wash the foamies in windex, the combination of ingredients works well. Be sure to rinse and let dry before reassembling. You will need to clean the ball and the foam separately. No glue is used on the 58's
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