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    Hi Guys,

    I'm in the process of downsizing my system. I'm running a Yamaha MDX5000-20 and I'd like to use use the internal amp to run my passive monitors, and use a p7000s to run my S115v tops and run my powered subs out of the mono out. I'd like to have an EQ on my monitors, but it looks like thats not do-able and I'm not sure where or how to insert an EQ . (or vise versa onboard EQ for monitiors or out board EQ on the mains) I wonder if I could get a little insight on how to set this up?


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    could u post some pics of the out pust and other jacks? that would help


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      also, did u mean Yamaha EMX5000-20?


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        Assuming an EMX mixer, there's no insert other than on the channels, and no groups, etc. so there's no way to insert an EQ before the internal amps. Perhaps use the internal amps to power the S115v's (unfortunately full range, as there's also no way to insert a crossover), use the main out to feed a crossover and then the powered subs (or if the subs have built-in crossover/LPF, no external crossover), and use the monitor outs to feed EQ's and the P7000S to the monitors.
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