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Weirdest venue name you've ever seen

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  • Weirdest venue name you've ever seen

    This past weekend, I played back-to-back shows in Aiken, SC. While I was coming home late Saturday night using some back roads, I passed a bar that made me do a double take.

    I literally pulled over to take a picture of the sign while I was laughing my butt off:


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    If you don't sing, don't expect to call the shots....
    Life is too short to waste it on douchebags...
    Sometimes I have this fear... that years from now, being able to play an instrument live will be looked at the same way we look at juggling now... as in "Well, I can see where that is difficult to do, but who cares?
    As a youngster, I was told that money was all that mattered.
    And I didn't believe it.

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    We have some real winners here.

    Dum dums. Yep that's the name out front.

    Sheila's play pen. Actually played here, and when I did some old drunk chick went totally nuts and was screaming profanities at some guy at the bar.

    The wet spot (was owned by two lesbians at the time)


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      We also have one called "the munch". No joke, the softball teams love this place.


      • steve mac
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        I regularly play in Lush bar & restaurant. and you will think I am making this up and I keep saying I am going to take a photo but there is a cafe in the area called UFUK cafe ( Its a family name here)
        Cheers Steve

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      There's a club in Tahoe named Whiskey Dicks as well.  Dunno the name of the owner though.


      • daddymack
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        we have a Vietnamese restaurant near here called Pho Vietnamese, 'pho' is pronounced 'fuh'...

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      When my band used to travel out to Winnipeg Manitoba way back when, there was a restaurant we used to eat at called Hung Far Lo. It never ceased to amuse our juvenile minds. No entertainment though so maybe it doesn't qualify. Wait a minute, I see there's one in Portland Oregon.  I guess it might be the Chinese equivalent of the The Diner or whatever.


      • scoot13
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        I never played there but there was a gig in my town called "The Greek Club". Had a big sign that said:

        "The Greek Club"
        Park in front, enter in the rear.

        It was a straight bar so don't go there!