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Replacing a music stand with an Ipad or Kindle

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  • Replacing a music stand with an Ipad or Kindle

    Please lets not get into the music stand/no stand argument. I use a stand for a couple of reasons, #1 being 

    I'm an old fart, and can't remember s***, especially lyrics. 

    Problem is compounded by playing in two different bands with differing roles and responsibilitles. In one band I sing aprox 1/2 the vocs, and I need some memory jog for that. The other group I'm a sideman, bassist, harmony singer for an original writer, we dont practice as much and as a sideman I need some help remembering arrangements.

    I've seen lots of people using a pad device clamped to a mic stand and I really like the clean uncluttered look.

    I'm not interested in backing track functions. Just need easy to read (for a farsighted old guy) lyrics and chord charts. Some way to organize multiple sets/lists. Something that is readable for an old guy and not too dang complicated.

    So, when I replace my aging laptop, what machine and ap do I need to buy? Ipad? Are there aps for Kindle that do this?


  • Sick boy78
    I use a kindle fire and use guitar tapp. It's great!! However the kindle fire is to darn small and I'm not that old... I'm looking at using my laptop now. I'm also having trouble finding a good adapter for the kindle to hook up to the mic stand that is REASONABLY priced!

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  • Shart

    I'm also interested in using a kindle to replace a stand and binder.

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