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It's so fun to watch them grow up!

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  • It's so fun to watch them grow up!

    Back in 2013, a kid showed up at our church who could sing and play a little guitar. He was 14 then, and started playing with one of the church worship teams that I was playing electric guitar for. Anyway, I got to know the kid, and after a few years when he was 17 I asked him if he was interested in pursuing the solo market. He had done some stuff at churches for youth groups and a few coffee house sets, so I got him hooked up with a local concert promoter and booked into some decent paying venues where the established guys perform. I split some gigs with him so he could get in front of some audiences outside his peer group. And he took that ball and ran with it. This is him today, three years later:

    And he's the sweetest, most humble kid you'll ever meet. It's so fun to watch them grow up!
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    Very cool. I like the fact that's he's actually singing and not whispering like so many kids are doing today. I heard a kid whisper singing Brown Eyed Girl the other day.- It sounded silly.

    This young fellow seems like he's really into it, and hopefully, he'll grab the bull by the horns and continue to make good music. Much success to him, and good on ya for taking the time to get him started on his journey.


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      Mentoring is a great thing to of my past 'disciples' recently toured with Justin Bieber [oh, the shame ]
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        Cool. Looks like your "investment" is paying off. One thing, Blake was scowling all the way through like he had indigestion. I wonder what there was about the kid he didn't like? Adam came around and started halfway smiling about halfway through but not Blake.
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          I wonder if the celebrities actually have any say whatsoever in if they turn or not. I suspect not.
          Cheers Steve


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            interesting... i needed a keyboardist in one of my first bands so i recruited a junior high kid that could play bells. against the wishes of his parents he banged away on an old farfisa and then a rhodes... eventually getting his masters in music and teaching middle school and high school band. he started a program teaching steel dfums to at risk youth in the inner city and his first group still performs professionally today! pros making money? bfd... who cares? people helping others? meh... keep your money, this is real...
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            Voltan is correct.