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Best Bass and Drum tracking options-

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  • Best Bass and Drum tracking options-

    Though I've played in bands for years and now just starting out solo as a "One Man Band" show-I started out 5-6 years ago using Jim McCartys Bass/Drum tracks basically for bedroom practice purpsoes to keep up my chops. Does anyone else out there use these tracks for gigs or are there better options out there to use? I play mostly electric so it obviously comes off as a 3-pc band. These 2 guys are really good btw on drums and bass.
    All advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    Not much to add I am afraid, I am more "organic in that I produce a beat by thumping my guitar into a looper and if necessary a bass line the same way. Good luck with your search.
    Cheers Steve


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      Make your own tracks. It's not as hard as you might think, and has many advantages.


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        Custom tracks for $2.99 or non-custom tracks for 1.99. You can download the custom tracks as many times as you want with any changes you make. check it out!


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          Thank you Mr. Bob Dey! I've downloaded a few tracks from this website you recemmended and it's working out great so far!!