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PC player with playlist, next song the pause

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  • PC player with playlist, next song the pause


    I have been using Winamp which has this function but wonder of there are others.

    Playlist shows on screen large font. Hit play and when song finished it goes to the next song and pauses until play is hit again. Then on and on the same.

    I use a foot pedal to play and stop if I need.

    What programs are there like this please?

    Free or paid?



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    When I use a PC for my midis or MP3's I also use WinAmp, although it's an old version, because the newer versions are useless (for my needs). I stopped looking for Windows players after I found WinAmp, as it had everything I needed.

    I now use a tablet and I am yet again going to recommend Music Folder Player by zorrillasoft. Out of the many, many Android players I tried, it was the ONLY one that would stop a tune after playback, and allow you to increase the font, and reverse the contrast, and let you set a five band EQ, and was ad free (the pro version). It even lets you increase/decrease the tempo a little if you want (beware, that function is touchy). It does not play midis properly, but there is another clunkier player that does Midi voyager or something like that.

    I really like and still occasionally use Winamp on my PC, unfortunately the Android version is nothing like the old PC versions, so Music Folder Player to the rescue!