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Street artists bring life to a city

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  • Street artists bring life to a city

    I guess like many folk here, I started out as a street performer. For me it was on the streets of Liverpool in order to help put myself through college. It gave me confidence, gave me skills not only in musicianship but also gaining instant rapour and of course all in the days before battery powered amps and head mikes.

    For the past few days I find myself, with she who must be obeyed, in Vienna home of Brahms, Beethoven and the original wild child of music Mozart and yet not a street or for that matter a bar performer to be seen, not one. As a result the city definitely feels sort of soulless. I really don't understand that all councils, I appreciate lots do, encourage buskers of all sorts (well not bagpipers obviously).

    Cheers Steve

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    In my town, there don't seem to be any rules about any kind of performance except maybe decibel levels. Not sure if that's the Charter of Rights and Freedom or what. I haven't seen many street performers lately though, probably because of the wildfire smoke (it's been very thick here in Vancouver BC) but there are lots of people living on the street. I'm not just talking about bad areas of town. Tonight I saw a guy all camped out in front of Tiffany's, which is right across from the hotel that I work in, that houses the Louis Vuitton store. Then 50 feet later, a guy was camped out in front of the Hyatt Regency.

    In any case, I agree that street performers add vibrancy to the mix.


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      For juxtaposition of wealth I think it's hard to beat Washington DC where we literally saw rats running over sleeping homeless in sight of the Whitehouse. Sorry straying into politics.

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      DC outside of the political parameter, the million dollar brownstones and the touristy landmarks is kind of a dump. Politicians know about it, but don't want to think about it.

      God forbid they had to actually roll up your sleeve and get out of the Armani suits.

      Things would probably get done a little faster in DC if all politicians could not own or rent property and lived in a Freshman's style cinder block dorm room in southeast DC
      without ac. Free public bus passes for all.

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    those weren't rats, Steve, those were Trump's cabinet members and advisors...

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      I dig street performers. The last time I was in Harvard Square, some guys were using some rather large PA's. They probably powered em up with a battery inverter. Some were just way too much.

      The Roland Cube(s), AC33, the newer Fishman mini charge are just about all you need. San Francisco has laws to how much power amps can have.

      The key is to draw folks in, not drive them away with overpowered amps.

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        Couldn't agree more re volume, to be fair I have been driven from bars due to the amplification being turned to 11. Pier 39 really shows how it should be done.