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How are you booking gigs in 2018?

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  • How are you booking gigs in 2018?

    Email, Phone Call, In Person, Facebook Message, other?

    I've been playing music for my living since last year. Been difficult trying to stay booked. I've had best luck with Facebook Messages and email behind it. Phone calls are almost always a miss for me. In person doesn't usually work because I playing gigs 60+ miles from my home.
    Will work for guitars..

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    Man I feel for you playing that far, my max is a fifteen minute drive and it must have nearby parking.
    As to bookings I was having a meal in a restaurant ten days ago with "she who must be obeyed" and the owner came over to ask if everything was ok with the meal. I asked if he had entertainment on Fridays as my missus was out of town visiting and I had nothing on, if he wanted I would play for free if he and his punters liked we would talk about more gigs. It was a nice place and I have fancied playing there. So Friday I played and now am booked there, not for free obviously, every Friday for the rest of the season.
    I know the free thing frightens some but a one off to get regular work, when I would have been home doing nothing anyway is fine with me.
    Cheers Steve


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      How are we booking gigs?

      Fortunately we've been a duo in the areal since 1985 so word of mouth and/or repeat business keeps us busy. An agency throws us a little work from time to time, but not enough to live on. A free GIG Salad and Craigslist ads bring in 1 to 3 gigs each per year, and most become regular customers. We have a website, which I think is better than Facebook, because Facebook is exclusive, only FB people can reach you while a website is available to anyone on the Internet.

      In the early days I did a lot of 'cold calls' and got my share of rejection. I took 3 years of cruise ship gigs while gigging in the area during my vacation time off the ships, and we built up a reputation. I worked with several agencies then, but most of them have gone out of business, because the live gig business is diminishing. I'm thankful for our regular clients, and do everything I can to stay fresh and desirable for them.

      Your reputation takes time to build and it has to be golden and flawless. Bad news sticks around for a long time.

      I generally travel less than a half hour to get to a gig, but if it pays well, I'll go farther.
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        I'm having a busy summer. For the last few years I've been going with the retirement home gigs which are during the week days including Fridays. In fact, Friday is the most popular day for theses gigs.

        Earlier this year a female singer I worked with many decades ago got me connected with a new agent in the area that has booked me a few restaurant gigs. The in May the chick singer asked me to do a duo with her. Our first gig was the first week of June. Between her former venues, the agent's venues, and venues I've booked in the past we've been getting quite a few gigs. Some of the gigs coming in from the agent are due to other acts that had to cancel.

        Between this new duo and the retirement gigs It's not unusual for me to have two gigs in one day. I'm averaging ~$500 per week during July and August. I'm sure things will slow down by November, but I'll still have the retirement home gigs to keep some some cash flow.


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          How are you booking gigs in 2018?

          Not fast enough...
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            Through an agency. I book very few gigs on my own. Too much work and they always want me to bring in a crowd. I mean, if I can consistently get 25 people out each and every week for a net pay of $150, I might as well do a house concert and clear $500

            This year. I played a place a few times for a friend who's booking it. We both have come to an understanding that if he needs someone in a pinch, I'll do it, but otherwise he's not interested, and I'm not interested in generating money for a venue as opposed to generating money for myself.